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FOOD FUN: “Rose” Vegetable Tart & Apple Tart

A gorgeous vegetable tart. Photo courtesy

  Is this food fun or food art? Perhaps this colorful, spiral vegetable tart is both.

The masterpiece was created by a U.K. blogger, Vicky (no surname provided) of

“Carrying on from my Rose Apple Tarts [see below],” says Vicki, “I decided to make a similar savoury version using bright coloured vegetables—courgettes [zucchini], carrots and aubergines [eggplant]. It turned out to be very pretty, but it did take a lot of work and patience! It’s a good one to make if you have a glut of vegetables in the summer, and a bit of time on your hands :).

“For this tart,” Vicky continues, “you could equally experiment with different fillings (e.g. an egg/quiche filling) and a variety of other vegetables (butternut squash, beetroot, etc.)


“There are so many exciting colour, flavour and texture combinations you can play around with for this tart….I think miniature [tartlets] with beetroot and goat cheese would be great as a starter. Some of the tougher vegetables like beetroot, you may need to blanch/par cook.”

Ready to create your own “art tart?” Here’s how Vicky did it: the recipe.


The vegetable tart was inspired by Vicky’s Rosey Apple, Custard & Jam Tarts, miniature tartlets which she adapted from a recipe in The Great British Bake Off.

So let’s take a closer look at the lovely rose tarts—actually, apple, custard and jam tartlets (a tart is a multi-portion dish; a tartlet is an individual portion).

“In truth, they were a little tricky to make and there was a lot of apple slicing involved!” says Vicki. I did harbor some doubts as I surveyed the enormous mound of apple slices in front of me.

“However it all worked out in the end and my work paid off. These tarts are definitely worth the effort if you fancy something a little bit special.”

You can tell from this photo exactly how special they are. Here’s the rose tart recipe.

A rose-inspired apple tart. Photo courtesy


Check out the different types of pies, tarts and pastries in our delicious glossary.

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