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PRODUCT: Wodka Vodka From Poland

What can you say about an “unknown” vodka that ranks as high for quality as top brands, at one-third of the price?

You say: Forget the prestige labels and buy that vodka!

Wódka, the Polish word for vodka, is a well-priced vodka that tastes anything but generic (and we drink our vodka straight). Crisp and clean, with flavors of rye and hints of minerality, Wodka won a gold medal and 90 points from the industry authorities at the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Triple-distilled and on a par with most super-premium vodka brands, Wodka vodka is just $8.99 for a 750ml bottle. There’s no need to pay more for prestige brands: In these economic times, make price-value Wodka the new prestige.


  • Belvedere: rank 92, $29.99
  • Stolichnaya: rank 92, $19.99
  • Absolut: rank 90, $20.99
  • Smirnoff, rank 90, $13.99
  • Wodka: rank 90, $8.99
  • Ciroc: Rank 88, $29.99
    Pick your bottle! Photo courtesy Wodka vodka.
    The original distillery was a Polish state-owned monopoly founded in the late 1920s. American capitalists at Panache Beverages in New York City have revived the brand into what should be a worldwide hit.

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