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TIP OF THE DAY: Ice Cream Cupcakes

It’s a miniature ice cream cake! Photo
courtesy Hey There Cupcake.

We were inspired by this Spumoni Sundae cupcake from Hey There Cupcake! of Denver, Colorado.

One of many flavors (see them all here), Spumoni Sundae is a cherry cupcake filled with ganache, topped with a scoop of pistachio buttercream frosting and garnished with a cherry and a miniature waffle fan (gaufrette).

We saw this as inspiration for ice cream cupcakes in any flavor. Just replace the buttercream with ice cream—it’s easier than making an ice cream cake.


1. Use your favorite cupcake recipe. When filling the cups, add less batter than the recipe instructs. For example, if it says to fill halfway, fill to only the one-third point. This creates room at the top to anchor a scoop of ice cream.

2. Scoop a round ball of ice cream atop each cupcake. Place in the freezer. Don’t garnish until ready to serve.

3. At serving time, garnish with your favorite sundae toppings: chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. If you like, gild the lily with chopped nuts, mini chips, sprinkles or other favorites.


Here are two tips from the bakers regarding general cupcake purchases:

  • Eat them the day you buy them. Artisan cupcakes are made without preservatives.
  • Keep the cupcakes at room temperature. If you have more than you can eat that day, do not refrigerate the extras. The cold air can dry out the cake.

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