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Easy Pudding Tarts Recipe

If you weren’t motivated to make our vanilla pudding recipe (to celebrate National Vanilla Pudding Day, May 22), how about some creamy pudding tarts?

If you want to make a special dessert in a hurry, grab some tart shells and—if you don’t want to make pudding from scratch—a box of JELL-O Cook & Serve Pudding & Pie Filling. Use the regular, not instant, pudding mix: It has better flavor and texture. However, if you want a sugar-free pudding, Instant is the only option.

Our favorite tart shells are from Clearbrook Farms and Daphne Tarts, both NIBBLE Top Picks Of The Week.

Tart shells are available at supermarkets, specialty food stores and baking supplies stores. If you can’t find them, create a “bottom crust” in individual serving dishes, using cookie crumbs (chocolate, graham cracker, etc.) or a piece of loaf cake (banana cake, chocolate cake, pound cake, etc.). For panache, create the dessert in a wine glass.

Your inner pastry chef will see how easy it is to make a special dessert in a hurry.

You can mix-and-match the “crust” with the different flavors of JELL-O Pudding & Pie Filling: Banana Cream, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, Coconut, Lemon and Vanilla. The sugar-free variety comes in Cheesecake, Pistachio and White Chocolate, as well (but not Coconut).

Take a look at this list of garnishes for your tarts.

And consider this a family project: Let the kids or a non-cooking spouse/partner try their hands at making dessert (under your supervision, of course).

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