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Sifted Flour Tip For World Flour Day

Baking up a storm? Pay close attention to the flour specifications. Here’s a sifted flour tip: It’s important to note that in a recipe, “sifted flour” is not the same as “flour, sifted.”

In the first instance, you sift the flour, then measure out what you need.

In the second, you measure out what you need, then sift it.

Baking is chemistry: slight deviations can create disappointing results.

Don’t pack flour into a measuring cup: You can end up with 20% more flour than intended.

Instead, use a measuring cup that is exactly one cup to the brim. Fill to overflowing with a scoop or spoon, then level it off with a knife.

And be sure to use the right flour. The wrong type of flour (or too much flour) can result in a tough, dry product. Too little flour can cause a cake to collapse.

Put your baker’s thinking cap on and you’ll be fine.

Thanks to Chef Louis Eguaras for this tip.


Sifted flour (photo © King Arthur Flour).

Every single day, billions of people around the globe consume flour in one form or the other.

March 20th is World Flour Day





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