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TIP OF THE DAY: Salmagundi (Salad)


Start a Salmagundi Salad tradition. Photo
courtesy ParmaHam.com.

Looking for a new idea for entertaining?

Celebrate spring with a Salmagundi Brunch.

“Salmagundi“ means a heterogeneous mixture or a mixed salad of various ingredients in addition to the greens. A Cobb Salad—avocado, bacon, blue cheese and chicken—is an example of salmagundi.

The word derives from the French salmigondis, “seasoned salted meats,” most likely from the Latin words salemine (salted food) and condir (to season).

Invite friends to a Spring Salmagundi Feast:

1. You provide a large salad bowl and salad greens, plus vinaigrette, artisan bread, butter and anything else you’d like to round out the menu (beverages, soup, dessert).

2. Each guest brings a non-greens item to put into a huge salad: anchovies, avocado, baby corn or corn kernels, beets, boiled potatoes, eggs, carrots, cheese, Chinese noodles, croutons, dried fruit/fresh fruit, grilled meats, ham/bacon/prosciutto, marinated or roasted vegetables, nuts, olives, onions, seafood, tomatoes/sundried tomatoes, seeds, water chestnuts and so forth. You can assign ingredients, but it’s more fun if what they bring is a surprise.

3. As guests arrive, arrange these ingredients in rows atop the greens, so everyone can see what the salad will consist of.

Red, white and rose wines, plus beer and artisan soft drinks (think Fizzy Lizzy, GuS and Steaz) will pair well with the salmagundi.

Find more salad ideas in our Vegetables Section.


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