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RECIPE: Bay Leaves & Preserved Lemons Rock Tortellini

You’ve used bay leaves in cooking, but how about preserved lemons? The combo is one of McCormick’s 2010 flavor trends.

Preserved lemon is a condiment made of lemons that have been pickled in a brine of water, lemon juice, salt and sometimes, spices (they’re pickled lemons). The lemons then ferment at room temperature for weeks, or even months. The result is a concentrated and earthy lemon flavor without too much tartness. Preserved lemons are popular in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisines.

Preserved lemons can be purchased in specialty food stores and on; or you can make your own with this preserved lemon recipe.

Bay leaves are the aromatic leaves of the bay laurel plant. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used to flavor soups, stews and braises. They are quite pungent, so one leaf is often enough to flavor an entire pot. When dried, the fragrance is herbal and slightly floral, with a flavor that is sharp and somewhat bitter.



Enliven tortellini with bay leaf and
preserved lemon. Photo courtesy McCormick.

McCormick’s Flavor Trends say that it’s time to combine the two for a new flavor sensation.

Recipe: Lemon-Bay Tortellini With Spinach & Wild Mushrooms

Bay leaves and preserved lemons combine into an aromatic mix of bitter, salty-tart and bright, slowly coaxed flavors. This sophisticated recipe for combines familiar tortellini ingredients—spinach mushrooms—with the bay leaf and preserved lemons.

What else to do with the bay leaf/preserved lemon combination? If you’ve never made a Moroccan tagine, this is the year to try one! Then, use let your palate guide you to more new recipe ideas.

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