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VALENTINE’S DAY: Chocolate Tasting

For goober-loving Americans, Green & Black’s of the U.K. has introduced its first U.S.-exclusive flavor.

The newest addition to the Green & Black’s family of premium organic chocolate bars is the Peanut bar, a blend of premium 37% cacao dark milk chocolate with delectable caramelized peanuts and a hint of sea salt.

Whether you’re single and celebrating with a group of friends or planning a romantic evening for two, a chocolate and wine tasting is a delicious way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Green & Black’s suggests the following chocolate-and-wine pairings (and we have many more ideas—see below):

  • Green & Black’s Toffee Chocolate Bar With Zinfandel. The rich, dark-fruit characters in the wine accentuate the chocolate’s buttery sweet toffee flavors.
  • Green & Black’s White Chocolate Bar with Chardonnay. The silky smoothness, creamy texture and vanilla finish of Green & Black’s White Chocolate Bar is perfectly complemented by the tropical fruit and hint of oak in a classic Chardonnay. This white chocolate bar is one of our editor’s favorites. She calls it “masculine” white chocolate—not the overly sweet and cloying bars one often encounters.

A great combination of peanuts, sea salt
and milk chocolate. Photo courtesy Green & Blacks.

  • Green & Black’s Dark 85% Dark Chocolate Bar with Syrah. The intense flavors of a high percentage cacao bar require a rich wine like Syrah. The complexity and sturdy structure of the wine softens and enhances the dark, intense chocolate.

Conduct the tasting as would a wine tasting. Choose up to six pairings. Start with the lightest variety (white chocolate) and finish with the darkest (dark 85%).


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