VALENTINE’S DAY: Be My “Pink & White” Cookie

The popular Black & White cookie has been dressed in Valentine’s Day colors (a.k.a., the Pink & White). We think they’re a lovely gift for a deserving young lady. Find them at William Greenberg Desserts, or phone 1.800.255-8278. Looking for more Valentine goodies for the kids? Check out the Mickey Mouse chocolates above, and see…
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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Valentine’s Gifts That Aren’t Chocolate

Last week our Top Pick was artisan chocolates from four gifted chocolatiers. But not everyone wants a box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. In this week’s Top Pick, we feature: Gourmet caramels Bewitching brownies and cookies A fresh fruit “bouquet” (a very healthy gift) Savory gifts, including heart-shaped cheese, ravioli and rib steak Rose-colored spiritsIf…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Regifting Food Gifts

If you aren’t going to eat it, regift it! Photo courtesy SXC. If you received a food gift for Christmas that wasn’t to your particular liking—spicy cocoa, lavender-flavored vinegar, whatever—don’t stick it in the back of the cabinet and forget about it. Regift it, sooner rather than later. Food products should be used within 12…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Champagne Gift

Tomorrow is National Champagne Day (appropriately, it’s New Year’s Eve). Most people bring a bottle of Champagne as a gift to New Year’s Eve parties. Add a book about Champagne, and your gift will be remembered long after the bubbles are gone. See one of our favorite books on Champagne. Photo courtesy Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties.

TIP OF THE DAY: Wine & Beer Gifts

Make a gift of a wine-tasting course or a home microbrewery kit even better: give it in tandem with a subscription to a relevant magazine (for wine, we love Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate—subscribe at The recipient will enjoy being able to build on his or her expertise on an ongoing basis. One stein does…
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