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Cinnamon Churro Waffles Mix From Krusteaz

A Box Of Churro Waffles From Krusteaz
[1] Waffles are given the churros treatment, redolent of cinnamon (photos © Krusteaz).
A Plate Of Krusteaz Churro Waffles With Chocolate Sauce
[2] For dessert add chocolate sauce with whipped cream or ice>


What’s for breakfast on Cinco de Mayo? Or for that matter, what’s for dessert? Cinnamon Churro Waffles!

Just add water, oil, and an egg to this tasty mix to take waffles beyond every day to a celebration day.

Krusteaz Cinnamon Churro Belgian Waffle Mix makes light, fluffy, crispy waffles with a cinnamon flavor and aroma—just like fried churros.

For dessert, add chocolate sauce and ice cream or whipped cream.

Find your nearest store.

You can buy an eight-pack on Amazon (fun gifts?).

Some pastry chefs pipe the churros into flat cookie shapes for ice cream sandwiches. You can try that, or take a gander at these churro recipes:

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  • Chocolate Churros
  • Churros With 3-Chile Mole Fondue

    > The different types of waffles.

    > The history of waffles.

    > February is National Pancake Month. There are National Pancake Days on February 28th and September 26th.



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