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Make One Of These Bread Pudding Recipes For National Bread Pudding Day

What are you doing for National Bread Pudding Day, November 13th? We’ve got recipes for sweet and savory bread pudding, below.

First, a note: November 13th is also National Indian Pudding Day.

We love Indian pudding, and strongly recommend that you try the recipe. But let’s focus on bread pudding.

First, there’s some disagreement about National Bread Pudding Day. Yes, it is November 13th, but there are some dissenters:

  • Cook’s Info says that May 1st of May is Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Day.
  • Maybe, but don’t confuse that with National Bread Pudding Day.
  • Cookbook author George Cleary says that May 15th is National Bread Pudding Day. Mr. Cleary, we’ll come over for bread pudding on May 15th if you like, but make more bread pudding on November 13th.

    Bread pudding is a custard with bread cubes. It originated in the 11th or 12th century as a way to use stale bread.

    At first the recipes were savory. Pieces of bread were cut or torn, combined with other ingredients (cheese, onions, mushrooms and other vegetables, bits of meat), topped with custard, and then baked until the top was set but the inside was soft and creamy.

    Over the centuries, as sugar became more affordable, sweet versions emerged as desserts.

    You can use any bread cubes—baguette, brioche, challah, cinnamon raisin, and panettone are delicious.

    For savory recipes, baguette, brioche, and whole grain bread.

    And yes, good old white bread works for both sweet and savory, if not as gloriously as the other options.

    The bread is drenched in a mixture of milk and eggs (the basis of custard), plus sugar, vanilla, and spices for sweet recipes. The result is somewhat similar in flavor to French toast but with much more custard.

    Bread pudding can be baked plain or with any combination of fruits, nuts, and chocolate (for sweet recipes) or herbs, vegetables, and proteins (for savory recipes).

    The dish can be served hot or cold, with or without whipped cream or a sauce, such as hard sauce or custard sauce (for sweet recipes) or cheese, mushroom, or other sauce (for savory recipes).

    Are you salivating for bread pudding? Check out these recipes.

  • Apple Cheddar Bread Pudding
  • Baked French Toast (part French toast, part bread pudding)
  • Challah Bread Pudding
  • Chocolate Bread Pudding
  • Irish Soda Bread Bread Pudding
  • Panettone Bread Pudding

  • Applewood Bacon & Chestnut Bread Pudding
  • Artichoke Bread Pudding
  • Butternut Squash Bread Pudding
  • Chestnuts & Applewood Smoked Bacon Bread Pudding
  • Cranberry, Pecan & Bacon Bread Pudding
  • Mushroom, Leek & Parmesan Bread Pudding
  • Mushroom & Radicchio Bread Pudding
  • Portabella Bread Pudding
  • Savory Sausage and Cheddar Bread Pudding
  • Spinach Bread Pudding With Lemon & Feta
  • Spinach & Garlic Bread Pudding
  • Spinach-Shiitake Bread Pudding

    Bread Pudding With Custard Sauce
    [1] Brioche bread pudding with hard sauce. Find the recipe in Foster’s Market Cookbook (photo © Foster’s Market Cookbook).

    Bread Pudding With Nuts & Raisins]
    [2] Bake it in a pan for clean rectangular portions. You can order this one online (photo © Mackenzie Ltd).

    Individual Bread Puddings
    [3] Savory bread pudding like this shiitake and spinach recipe replaces stuffing or dressing as a savory side. Here’s the recipe (photo © Food & Wine).

    Cranberry-Pecan Bread Pudding with Bacon
    [4] Cranberry-pecan bread pudding with bacon (photo © Food & Wine).





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