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Artisan Chocolate Lambs For Easter

How can you resist these tiny chocolate lambs for Easter?

New this year from one of our favorite chocolatiers, L.A. Burdick, these works of chocolate art are individually handcrafted.

That means that no molds are used to create the chocolates. Burdick’s skilled chocolate artisans create them entirely by hand.

Burdick is famed for its chocolate mice and penguins, and special editions such as bees, bunnies, cats, elephants, pigs, turkeys, and sheep.

Each lamb has a dark chocolate ganache center flavored with ripe strawberries fresh rhubarb.

They are enrobed with white chocolate and hand-piped to create the fleece and eyes.

The “keeper” wooden gift box is tied with a ribbon and holds eight chocolate lambs.

It will delight any lover of fine chocolate to whom you give them.

The lambs are available to ship now through April 22, 2022.

All Burdick chocolates are made with all-natural ingredients and are preservative-free.

They are gluten-free and are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.
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[1] Handmade chocolate lambs from L.A. Burdick (both photos © L.A. Burdick).

[2] The beautiful wood gift box can be used for jewelry and keepsakes—or filled with more chocolate!






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