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FOOD FUN: Jelly Bean Herbal Tea

Here’s a fun Easter gift for a tea lover:

Jello Bello tea blend from Fava Teas.

It’s an herbal tea blended with actual jelly beans.

(We’re not sure that “Jello” is so helpful in explaining the tea. It contains no Jell-O).

The fruity, caffeine-free tea is blended with apple, blackberry leaves, coconut, hibiscus, rose hip, orange peel, strawberry…

…and jelly beans.

The tea has a juicy flavor, balanced with the floral flavor of hibiscus and strawberry.

And sweetness of the jelly beans!

The fun, kid-friendly, refreshing tea can be enjoyed hot or iced.

The tea is a limited edition seasonal offering, so don’t tarry.

Head to

Or…you can try blending your own!

If you have fruity teas (apple, berry, etc.), try your hand at blending in some jelly beans, dried fruit (apples, coconut, orange peel), etc. for your own signature Easter tea.


[1] Jello Bello Easter tea with jelly beans (photo © Fava Tea).

[2] Try blending your own. Add some jelly beans to your favorite fruity tea (photo © Williams Sonoma).



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