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FOOD FUN: Antipasto Cone Appetizer & Cocktail Snack

If you like to entertain with fun elements, how about a cone holder (photo #3)?

Available in sizes from small to large, you can use them to serve:

  • Ice cream cones
  • Sushi hand rolls
  • Popcorn and snack mixes
  • Homemade potato chips or veggie chips
  • Cotton candy
  • Fries
  • Fruit…and now…
  • Antipasto!
    We decided to try out the antipasto idea for cocktail nibbles.

    While everyone can relate to ice cream cones, sushi hand rolls and a paper cone filled with popcorn, we didn’t know what to expect about antipasto.

    But we bought a cone holder and paper cones and packed them with antipasto goodies.

    The answer we found: It’s easy, and you can serve the cups with cocktail picks for people who don’t like to eat with their fingers.

    Pick foods that are possible to eat with the fingers.

    You’ve got plenty of options: meats, cheeses, olives, cornichons and other pickled vegetables, crudites and much more.

    And remember the optional cocktail picks. We like eating with our fingers (and lots of napkins), but not everybody does.

  • Check out this list of antipasto ingredients.
  • Here’s a Christmas antipasto list.

    They’re not expensive (many are less than $15), and are:

  • Available in sizes from one slot to 35+ slots.
  • Hold mini-cones up to waffle cones (check carefully before you buy to verify the size of the cone).
  • Made in acrylic, metal or wood.
  • Cone holders are available in heavy-duty paper and bamboo.
    If you don’t want to buy a cone holder, check out these flat-bottom cups that stand up on their own.

    Have fun with it!


    [1] Enjoy your antipasto from a paper cone. Here’s the recipe from Ain’t Too Proud To Meg (photo © Ain’t Too Proud To Meg).

    [2] Feel free to add some fruit, like grapes and kumquats (photo © Spread & Co.).

    [3] One of many design and size options. Once you have a cone holder, you’ll find ways both conventional and innovative (photo © Ice Cone Holder | Amazon).



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