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PRODUCT: Vaquero’s BBQ Dippin Sauce

“Spicy Chipotle Meets Cowboy Coffee,” says the label of Vaquero’s BBQ Dippin Sauce. And it sure does: a very thick coffee-accented sauce, redolent of brown sugar and molasses with just the right touch of heat.

It can be diluted as a dip (we added plain yogurt) or brushed straight onto barbecued meats.

You can also use Vaquero’s as a substitute mole sauce, on braised beef, pork, poultry or tacos. That’s what we did, adding some raisins, pepitas and a dash of cinnamon.

The sauce was created in a country kitchen in Mendocino, California by Michelle Sassen, who worked with a family recipe. Her husband begged her for years to bottle and sell it. Her family also enjoys it as a breakfast sauce and a sandwich spread.

She found a production facility next door in Sonoma County, and now you can buy it. It’s a great gift idea for coffee-lovers and grillers. A 14-ounce bottle is $9.50 at Mendocino Merchandise.

Ingredients include catsup, apple cider vinegar, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, pepper sauce, coffee, chile peppers and salt.


A coffee-enriched barbecue sauce with lovely, intense flavors. Photo courtesy Mendocino Merchandise.



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