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PRODUCT: Vitamins Like Candy

Gummie vitamins are as good as gummie
candies. Photo courtesy NatureMade.


We never looked forward to taking our vitamins, but we did so, dutifully, every day.

We knew that there were gummie vitamins for kids, but never took much notice of the category.

Recently, we were given a bottle of Nature Made’s Adult Gummies, Multi + Omega-3. Wow! We have now given up our gummie habit in favor of a daily vitamin fix.

The only problem: One serving is just two gummies (we could eat a lot more than that). Unlike conventional vitamins, which are calorie-free, our Adult Gummies are 20 calories and 3g of sugar a day.

And are well worth it!

We may be late to the table, but we’re not the only adult who is made for gummie vitamins. Nature Made Adult Gummies are available in:


  • B-Complex Adult Gummies
  • Multi-Vitamin Adult Gummies
  • Calcium With D3 Adult Gummies
  • Multi-Vitamin Adult Gummies
  • Fish Oil Adult Gummies
  • Vitamin C Adult Gummies
  • Vitamin CoQ10 Adult Gummies
  • Vitamin D Adult Gummies
  • Vitamin D3 Adult Gummies
    There are dollar coupons for most of the varieties on the Nature Made website.

    Checking out the options, we also discovered the Vitafusion line of gummies. We’re not inspired to do a taste test, however, because the Nature Made taste just fine.

    If only all the medications we take could be in gummie form. We can dream, can’t we?


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