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FOOD 101: What America Cooks

America’s favorite recipe to cook at home:
Chili? Photo courtesy
  Cook much? While so many people rely on take out foods, others are still cooking up a storm. In fact, the website has put together America’s 25 Favorite Recipes to Make at Home.

By using data collected from common food searches at The Daily Meal and many of the country’s other leading search engines and food websites, the writers developed a comprehensive list of the most searched food terms of 2013. They then took the research a step farther to find out what recipes America loves to make with those foods and how many times each recipe was searched.

Finally, they crafted a unique algorithm to yield a search score and rank.


25. Chicken wings
24. Deviled eggs
23. Guacamole
22. Fish tacos
21. Mashed potatoes
20. Crock pot chicken


Continuing on, we get to the two sweets that made the list (which doesn’t mean we don’t eat a lot of sweets—we just may be buying them for immediate gratification.
19. Apple pie
18. Choc chip cookies
17. Mac and cheese
16. Hummus
15. Baked chicken
14. Burgers
13. Beef stew
12. Pasta sauce
11. French toast
10. Chicken soup
9. Chocolate chip
8. Spaghetti
7. Pizza
6. Meatball
5. Banana bread
4. Meat loaf
3. Lasagna
2. Pork chop
1. Chili
So what are you cooking tonight?

When we bake, it’s usually apple pie or chocolate chip cookies. Photo courtesy Centerville Pie Co.
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