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TIP OF THE DAY: “Fruitcake” Ice Cream For Christmas

It’s easy to make “fruitcake ice cream” Photo
courtesy Vivolo.it.

This photo from Italian gelato maker Vivolo inspired a recipe idea:

Serve “fruitcake” ice cream/gelato for Christmas.

Start with vanilla ice cream. You can soften it and mix in the ingredients (and return to the freezer to harden), or simply top the ice cream, sundae style. Use:

  • Fruitcake ingredients—candied citron, cherries and pineapple
  • Shaved or chopped dark chocolate
  • Cubes of pound cake or actual fruitcake—tossed with rum or orange liqueur (e.g. Grand Marnier), if you like
    Good fruitcake is a real treat. It has a bad reputation because of the many inexpensive, mass-marketed versions made from cheap ingredients that simply don’t taste good. The candied fruits are mediocre (or worse), the cake is mediocre, and no one wants to eat it.

    But start with top ingredients, and you’ll have a hit—with very little effort.



    Pete Palazzolo, of Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto in Saugatuck, Michigan, sums it up: “Gelato is simply ice cream,” he states, “Ice cream the way it was before the American Industrial Revolution blew it full of air and artificially flavored it.”

    In other words, gelato is:

  • More dense than ice cream.
  • Made with more milk than cream to better showcase the flavors (the more cream, the more fat coats the tongue and interfere with the flavors).
  • Bursting with natural ingredients—for example, actual puréed banana, not banana extract.
    Here’s more on gelato.


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