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TIP OF THE DAY: Fresh Salmon Burgers

With Labor Day festivities on the near horizon, how about something new and different on your burger menu? Head to the nearest Wal-Mart Super Store and look for the ground salmon and whole filet burgers from MacKnight Food Group.

Your local fishmonger should also be able to help you out with house-ground salmon burgers.

In addition to providing a delicious, meat free, heart-healthy alternative to beef, a salmon bacon burger saves on calories (MacKnights are 160 calories per patty) and cholesterol. The fat content of the salmon burgers is derived from heart healthy, monounsaturated fat.

Salmon burgers also outshine beef when it comes to protein (22 grams) and healthy omega 3s, with 3,300 mg per 3.5-ounce serving.


Cook up a delicious and healthier salmon burger. Photo courtesy MacKnight Food Group.

You don’t have to give up the guilty pleasures, however. Add a couple of strips of bacon for a bacon salmonburger—a new type of surf and turf. MacKnight also makes salmon bacon, for a “surf and surf.”

MacKnight’s Atlantic Salmon Burgers are one of the company’s most popular products, sourced from premium, farm-raised Atlantic salmon. The salmon bacon is produced from salmon sourced from the cold clean waters off Norway and Scotland. For more information about the company, visit MacKnight.com.


An alternative to ground salmon, but pricier:
salmon filet “burgers.” This one goes
gourmet on a brioche bun with hollandaise
sauce. Photo courtesy MacKnight Food


  • Condiments: Herb mayonnaise or wasabi mayonnaise is delicious with salmon burgers. Low calorie alternatives include salsa, pesto and herbed nonfat Greek yogurt.
  • Pickles: Pickles (pickled cucumbers) are a good-for-you add on. Also consider pickled jalapeños and other pickled vegetables (here’s an easy recipe for pickling vegetables).
  • Buns: For superior flavor, choose a quality bun: brioche, whole grain, or specialty like King’s Hawaiian. Why eat the carbs of a bland supermarket bun when you can get real flavor from them?
  • Diet: For fewer calories, skip the bun and serve the burger atop a bed of mixed greens and other salad fixings.

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