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TIP OF THE DAY: Vegetable Bouquet

Irresistible crudités for kids. Photo courtesy
Living Locurto.

Hey there, Edible Arrangements: You’re missing out on dazzling vegetable bouquets like these.

The vegetable arrangements were created by blogger Amy Locurto of LivingLocurto.com, who developed the veggie bouquet concept to entice her children to eat more vegetables.

Serve them at home, or bring them to parties and barbecues as your contribution. You can make a large basket or bowl centerpiece, or make individual servings in juice glasses.



  • Vegetables: baby carrots, grape or cherry tomatoes in red and orange/yellow, cucumbers, radishes, yellow squash, zucchini and anything else your friends and family like
  • Celery for the stems
  • Fennel, bok choy or other stalk vegetables with leaves at the top
  • Cream cheese, an optional “glue”
  • Flower shaped cookie cutter
  • Long toothpicks/wood skewers
  • Small vases, cups, jars or orange juice glasses to
    hold individual bouquets
  • Water to fill the jars

    1. CUCUMBER & ZUCCHINI FLOWERS: Cut cucumbers/zucchini into flower shapes and cut small circles for the flower centers. Affix centers with cream cheese.

    2. CARROT, TOMATO & RADISH BLOSSOMS: Affix individual vegetables to the top of long toothpicks.

    3. CELERY LEAVES: Cut the leafy upper stems of celery to fill out the bouquet. If you don’t have enough leafy stalks, use regular celery sticks. Make cuts in the top about 1/2 inch deep as a design element. If you place the tops in water with ice cubes, the “fringe” should open a bit.
    You can wash and recycle the skewers.

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