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PRODUCT: Nonni’s THINaddictives Biscotti

What we think of as delicious Italian biscotti began life thousands of years ago—not as a sweet treat but as a convenience food for travelers (here’s the history of biscotti).

Biscotti means “twice cooked.” The unleavened, finger-shaped wafers were baked first to cook them, then baked a second time to completely dry them out. This made them durable nourishment for for travel and a staple food of the Roman Legions. The Roman author and military commander Pliny boasted that they would be edible for centuries.

Today we enjoy biscotti for the pleasure. They’re crunchy and delicious with coffee and tea, and made in so many varieties that the prospect never gets dull (chocolate-dipped biscotti, anyone?).

But they can be so hard, you might worry that a pleasurable nibble could turn into a whopping dentist bill.

Nonni’s has addressed the concern with THINaddictives, turning dense biscotti into delicate thins. Crunch away: no harm will befall those pearly whites.


Very thin biscotti are easy on the teeth. Shown: Cranberry Almond. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.


Keep them at home and at work for coffee
breaks. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE
  The kids took mom’s recipe and have recreated it to look “as if it just came out of her warm loving oven itself.” Enjoy them in:

  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Cranberry Almond
  • Pistachio
    While we liked all three flavors, the Cinnamon Raisin, inexplicably, had less depth of flavor than the other two. It could have been the batch.

    You can enjoy all flavors with anything from cheese to yogurt to ice cream.
    The “skinny biscotti” are cello-wrapped in two-piece portions. That’s good, because as the name says, they can be addictive.
    The line is certified kosher (parve) by MK, a Montreal certifier (the product is made in Canada). Look for THINaddictives at your retailer, or click the links above to buy online.

    And the next time someone invites you over for a cup of coffee, bring a box.

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