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PRODUCT: Magnum Gold Ice Cream Bars

Magnum, our favorite premium ice cream bars, has leaped beyond chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick It has introduced MAGNUM Gold?!, vanilla ice cream with a sea salt-caramel swirl.

That punctuation—both a question mark and an exclamation mark—is part of the product name. Why, we haven’t a clue. We can only beseech manufacturers to keep things simple going forward. There’s no reason to confuse food writers and the consuming public.

But the punctuation doesn’t detract from the yumminess of the new bar.

Vanilla bean ice cream is swirled with sea salt caramel and dipped in coatings of Belgian milk chocolate and and golden-colored white chocolate. For those who want a smaller snack, MAGNUM Mini Gold?! provides petite treats.

Kudos to Magnum for producing the 1.85-ounce Magnum Mini bars, in Almond, Classic, Double Caramel and Magnum Gold?!. They’re a perfect size for guilt-free enjoyment.


Magnum with a sea salt caramel swirl. Photo courtesy Unilever.

When we were first introduced to the Magnum “handheld ice cream” line two years ago, it was a NIBBLE favorite (our review): quality ice cream dipped in thick Belgian chocolate. We just wish we had access to all the flavors!

The nationally available flavors include Double Caramel, Double Chocolate, Almond (our favorite!), White, Dark, Classic, Mint and Mochaccino.

The ice cream bars are available in 3-count multipacks for a suggested retail price of $3.99; 6-count multipacks have a suggested retail price of $5.49, and individual bars are available for the suggested retail price of $2.99. Learn more at


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