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PRODUCT: Magnum Ice Cream Bars

You may have seen the ads for Magnum Ice Cream Bars, a popular European treat for more than 20 years. The ice cream is now made in the U.S.—and we’re a happier place for it.

With all due respect to other quality products, these are the best ice cream bars we’ve had.

The company doesn’t use the term “bar,” but calls Magnum “handheld ice cream”—ice cream or ice on a stick, cones, etc.

Novelties are single-serving frozen treats that include ice cream bars, ice pops and ice cream sandwiches, among other products (remember push-up pops?). Novelties originated in the 1920s, with the creation of Eskimo Pies, Dixie Cups.

See the different types of ice cream products in our Ice Cream Glossary, as well as the history of ice cream.

The super-premium ice cream in chocolate or vanilla is excellent, and the thick coat of Belgian chocolate can’t be beat.

Our favorite flavor, Almond. Photo courtesy
The bars are sold in three-pack boxes and in singles, in six flavors:

  • Almond, milk chocolate and sliced almonds on vanilla ice cream
  • Classic, milk chocolate on vanilla ice cream
  • Dark, dark chocolate on vanilla ice cream
  • Double Caramel, milk chocolate atop a layer of caramel sauce, on vanilla ice cream
  • Double Chocolate, milk chocolate and a layer of fudgy sauce on chocolate ice cream
  • White, white chocolate on vanilla ice cream
    Each of the flavors is delicious, and we are equal-opportunity consumers of all six. However, three deserve a shout out for their extra layers of flavor.

  • The sliced almonds on the Almond bar deliver added flavor and crunchiness.
  • The caramel sauce on the Double Caramel is a perfect counterpoint to the vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating.
  • With Double Chocolate, the fudgy sauce layer between the chocolate coating and the chocolate ice cream creates a chocolate-lover’s delight.
    Magnum is a brand of Unilever, which has an portfolio that includes Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Good Humor, Popsicle and noteworthy non-ice cream brands such as Bertolli, Hellmann’s, Knorr and Skippy. There’s also Slim-Fast, in case you can’t stop eating the Magnum bars.

    Magnum ice cream is available in grocery retailers nationwide, including Kroger, Safeway, Target and Walmart. Three-count multipacks have a suggested retail price of $3.99; individual bars, a suggested retail price of $2.59.

    Go for the boxes! There’s a store locator on the website. Head to the nearest store and indulge!

    FOOD TRIVIA: The ice cream bar was invented in 1920 by Harry Burt of Youngstown, Ohio, who went on to found Good Humor.

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