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APRIL FOOL’S DAY: Upside-Down Sundae

Upside-down sundaes. Photo courtesy Peanut
Butter & Co.

Looking for an April Fool’s Day recipe? Adapt this comfort food idea from Peanut Butter & Co.: An upside down sundae.

  • In a parfait or sundae dish, layer the nuts, cherries or other topping on the bottom of a glass sundae dish.
  • Follow with the sauce—chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, strawberry, etc.—then top with ice cream.
    Have fun with it. And if you come up with the iconic April Fool’s Day Sundae, let us know.

    Find more clever ideas with peanut butter at the Nutropolitan Museum Of Art.


    America didn’t invent a dish of ice cream with toppings:

    It was (and is) served across Europe under various names including coupe, which describes the rounded, stemmed dish in which the ice cream and sauce were served. (Coupe glacée aux marrons, vanilla ice cream with candied chestnut topping, remains one of our all-time favorites. Coupes glacées aux cerises is topped with cherry sauce. Coupe glacée meringue is topped with meringue. And so forth.)
    But the name “Sundae” was bestowed in the U.S. for a dish consisting of one or more scoops of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup (classic options included butterscotch, caramel, chocolate, marshmallow creme or strawberry). The sauce was sprinkled with chopped nuts, with whipped cream and the iconic maraschino cherry as the finishing touches.

    Today there are endless variations on the sundae, incorporating fruit, cookies, candy, cake, peanut butter sauce, sprinkles/jimmies, and ingredients too numerous to list.

    Here’s how the sundae got its name.


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