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TIP OF THE DAY: Blood Oranges Are In Season

In the produce world, few things are more memorable than a good blood orange. The emphasis is on “good,” of course: Some farmers grow delicious fruit, others grow less-than-tasty fruit to meet the so-called demands of the marketplace for lower price points.

(Honestly, though: Who wouldn’t willingly pay more for an orange or an apple that tastes great, rather than bland and boring?)

The good news is, blood oranges from California are in abundant supply from December through March; and if you keep trying them, you may find the ones with luscious, raspberry-orange-flavored flesh.

Named for their deep pink or red-streaked flesh, blood oranges are smaller than other oranges and have slightly rougher skin.

You can send them as a healthy New Year’s gift by calling Melissa.com at 1.800.588.0151, or email hotline@melissas.com with your request.

These blood oranges have deep raspberry-colored flesh. Other varieties are pale pink and everything in between. Photo courtesy Baldor Food.

Blood oranges are not the same as Cara Cara* oranges, which are red-fleshed (the flesh is actually pink or raspberry in hue) navel oranges.

More about blood oranges.

*The variety originated at the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. The taste is sweet with undertones of cherry, and a low acid profile.


We love a glass of blood orange juice or a dish of blood orange sorbet (use any orange sorbet recipe). But there are many ways to enjoy blood orange juice.

  • Blood Orange Dessert Sauce
  • Blood Orange Margarita
  • Blood Orange Soufflé
  • Blood Orange Vinaigrette
  • Lamb Loin With Blood Orange Sauce
  • Pepita-Crusted Halibut With Blood Orange Chutney
  • White Chocolate Truffles With Blood Orange Ganache

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