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TIP OF THE DAY: Healthy Cooking Classes

Regardless of how much cooking experience they have, many cooks don’t know the basics of cooking healthy meals. On the other hand, some people can’t cook at all, so rely on prepared foods packed with salt, sugar and bad fats.

That’s why our final pre-Christmas tip is to give yourself or your loved ones healthy cooking classes. It’s smart to include adolescents, teens and young adults: Most eating habits are learned at home.

That’s why we love the gift of understanding how to make nutritious and calorie-wise foods:

  • How to make the bounty of fresh vegetables extremely appealing—not just the basic veggies but chard, collards, fennel, kale, leeks and more
  • Appealing ways to serve fruit for dessert
  • How to select lean meats and poultry
    Vegetables can be as exciting as any other foods. Photo courtesy KamalKapoor.com.
  • How to choose tastier grains and starches
  • How to add nuts and seeds for flavor, texture and nutrition
  • How the right herbs and spices make everything more appealing
  • Easy cooking techniques that save calories without sacrificing flavor
    And it’s a great last minute gift: You need only a holiday card. Just write, “This card entitles you to a gift of healthy cooking classes at the school of your choice.”


    You’ll find healthy cooking classes at local cooking schools, Ys, community colleges, adult education centers and natural foods stores such as Whole Foods Market.

    Just search “healthy cooking classes” and your town.

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