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PRODUCT: Talenti Eggnog Gelato

The rich flavors of eggnog in a family-friendly ice cream. Photo courtesy Talenti.


Talenti Gelato has been a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week twice—that’s how much we like it.

This superb brand is selling luscious Old World Eggnog Gelato through the end of the year: the flavor of traditional egg nog transformed into rich, creamy gelato.

It’s a perfect, easy New Year’s Eve dessert: served plain; in a parfait layered with chocolate sauce, amaretti or shortbread cookie crumbs; over pound cake or brownies; even atop apple or pecan pie.

There’s no alcohol in this gelato, but you can pour a shot of rum or brandy over it to turn it into a spirited dish.

Old World Eggnog Gelato is made with fine Tahitian vanilla beans, hormone-free cream and milk, fresh egg yolks, pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract and, of course, nutmeg.


The eggnog gelato is rich and indulgent, but has about 30% less fat than conventional premium ice cream. The suggested retail price is $4.99 to $5.99 per pint.

Old World Eggnog is available in only until the end of the month, so stock up now. Find a Talenti retailer near you: store locator.
Fortunately, there are some 20 other flavors of gelato and sorbetto to keep you happy for the rest of the year.


Here’s the scoop.


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