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TIP OF THE DAY: Try A Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

Save money by mixing your own household
cleaners. Spray bottles from Liquid Fence.

  Readers of this blog may have picked up the fact that we’re environmentally conscious. We do what we can to minimize our carbon footprint and we look for ways to repurpose everything before tossing the bottle, jar or can into the recycling container.

As we were cleaning out a cabinet, we came across an empty Windex spray bottle that had been stored, awaiting repurposing.

Shortly before that, we’d come across Grandma’s recipe for an all-purpose household cleaner. In the early part of the 20th century and for centuries before that, housewives bought the basic ingredients—baking soda, borax, rubbing alcohol, soap (liquid soap was patented in 1865), vinegar and washing soda (a laundry ingredient)—and made their own cleaning products.

Try this simple all-purpose cleaner, which we’ve been using on counters and appliances:


  • Fill an empty, clean spray bottle two-thirds full with water.
  • Fill the remaining space with white vinegar.
  • Shake to blend; spritz away.
  • If you don’t like the smell of vinegar (the aroma evaporates quickly), add a few drops of an essential oil. We had lavender oil on hand. Drugstores and natural food stores should have a selection of popular scents.
    Not only does it work; the ingredients cost about fifty cents, compared with $3.69 to buy a name-brand bottle.

    If you like the idea of making your own household cleaners, here are recipes for everything from floor cleaner to non-scratch scrubs.


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