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Bison is an incredible red meat: sweet, juicy, and very low in fat/cholesterol (lower, in fact, than skinless chicken breast and many fish—see bison nutrition information).

Bison meat is available in just about every cut that beef is. After all, cattle and bison are relatives with similar builds.

But it’s precisely because there’s so little fat that bison needs to be enjoyed medium rare. If cooked further, there’s not enough fat to keep the meat moist.

Whether you’re looking for a bright new taste or want to continue to enjoy red meat without high cholesterol, bison can be your new food buddy.

This video shows how easy it is to cook a bison burger, bison filet mignon (with broiled, balsamic-glazed peaches) and bison strip steak (with caramelized onions).

Let us know how your bison turns out!

FOOD TRIVIA: There is no “American buffalo.” The animal erroneously called buffalo in the U.S.—the one that appears on the nickel—is the bison. Here’s the difference between bison and buffalo.



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