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PRODUCT: Skinny Cookies

Take a bite: richer flavor, smaller size, fewer
calories. Photo by River Soma | THE NIBBLE.

  Where do skinny L.A. ladies and gents go when they need a sweet treat?

To Skinny Batches, the creation of actress Emme Tyler. Skinny Batches’ oatmeal cookies, gingerbread loaf and “Crumbies” snacks focus on low calories, high taste and zero guilt (as long as you don’t eat the whole box). Everything is 45 calories per piece.

We ordered a shipment and found the sweet treats to be a great help in portion control. Anyone who’s been to Weight Watchers knows that this is the secret to enjoying anything you want.

Emme makes sure that the portion sizes are just right. Her snacks and desserts are so flavorful that you don’t miss a larger portion.

Coffee-cake-like Crumbies are the size of petit fours. Yet the dense cake, deep flavors and vibrant seasonings provide all the satisfaction of a much larger portion. Flavors include Chocolate Banana, Coffee, Pear and White Chocolate Berry.

Satisfying oatmeal cookies are made skinny by less sugar (very welcome!) and a flatter shape (benefit: crispier!). We didn’t try the gingerbread loaf or the Salty Janets (a sugar cookie with fleur de sel), but look forward to it.

The all-natural products are available from You can also vote for the next flavor of Crumbies. (We picked PB&J.)

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