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RECIPE: Grilled Salmon

Some of our staff eat grilled salmon for dinner every other night for its healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids.

There are many ways to keep grilled salmon interesting. But instead of topping it with sugar-laden chutney, sauces and glazes, take a healthy approach.

In this idea from Whole Foods Market, grilled wild salmon (so much better than farmed salmon) tops a mound of tabbouleh, which is made with whole-grain bulgur wheat. The salmon is marinated in olive oil, fresh orange juice and zest.

It’s topped with a Middle Eastern/Israeli salad of chopped cucumber, red onion and halved cherry tomatoes. We add dill and/or parsley to our chopped salad. In season, substitute chopped vine-ripened tomatoes.

We purchased our tabbouleh to save time, but here’s the recipe to make it from scratch, along with the citrus-marinated salmon.


An extra-healthy salmon recipe combines all
those omega-3s with whole-grain tabbouleh.
Photo courtesy Whole Foods Market.

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