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TIP OF THE DAY: Healthy Holiday Eating

It’s not low-calorie if it’s loaded with
fattening dip. Serve a nonfat dip! Photo
courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Do the pants that fit before Thanksgiving dinner still fit? If not—or if you’re concerned that they won’t—here are some healthy holiday eating tips for hosts and guests from Women’s Health nutritionist Keri Glassman and THE NIBBLE editors:

  • Baking: When baking, commit that you won’t lick the bowl or eat half of the cookie dough.
  • Buffet: At a buffet, use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. If you’re the host, do your guests a favor and provide 7″-9″ plates instead of large 10″-12″ plates.
  • Appetizers: Focus on healthy appetizers: crudités with a low-fat or nonfat dip, cucumber slices topped with salmon caviar, whole wheat pretzel sticks with a fancy mustard (not honey mustard!).
  • Cheese: No matter how it calls out to you, avoid cheese and bread unless you want tons of saturated fat and lots of carbs. Keri Glassman calls cheese “caloric death.”
  • Cocktails: Avoid sweet, fruity, caloric drinks: The mixers add about five times the calories and are easy to toss back again and again. Stick to a Bloody Mary, Martini, wine or Champagne. Ask the bartender to give you half a portion. Alternate cocktails or wine with glasses of club soda or mineral water.
  • Location: Keep as far away from the food—preferably out of eyesight.
  • Mingle & Network: You won’t chat with your mouth full.
  • Know Yourself: If you know that you can control yourself, enjoy a sliver or a spoonful of everything. If you feel that one bite might lead to another…and another…stay away.
  • BYO Snacks: Feel free to bring your own healthy snacks—vegetables, plain popcorn, rice cakes. If anyone notices, they’ll admire your discipline.


What are your healthy holiday tips? Please share!


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