TIP OF THE DAY: Watermelon Cocktail

Call the gang: Have a watermelon cocktail party. Photo courtesy Sundia. Watermelon isn’t just for eating: You can drink it, too. We have seven recipes for luscious watermelon cocktails. Open your calendar, pick a date and have a watermelon cocktail party to celebrate the end of summer. Take a look at the watermelon cocktail recipes.…
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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Fudgemail Fudge & Candy Gifts

Need a quick way to celebrate someone’s special event? A way to say “Thank you,” “Thinking Of You” or “I’m sorry?” Your answer may be Fudgemail. For as little as $12.95, which includes shipping, this sweet service allows you to send a gift card—actually a 5″x7” card-box—filled with your choice of dozens of sweet options.…
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