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Say what? Say smoked olive oil. EEVO, meet SEEVO.

We bought our first smoked olive oil several years ago. It was imported from Spain and was a very special product. But the world (or at least, the neighborhood) was not yet ready for smoked olive oil. It was discontinued by the store where we purchased it.

Brenda Chatelain and Al Hartman, the couple who produce smoked olive oil under the brand, The Smoked Olive, had never heard of smoked olive oil. It was a sui generis idea in the middle of the night for Al, a food industry veteran who worked for four years to perfect the smoking process.

Made from local extra virgin olive oil (the Chatelain-Hartmans are located in Santa Rosa, California, the county seat of Sonoma County), it’s the only smoked olive oil in the U.S. The production process is so complex and unique that they have a patent pending.

There are three varieties of The Smoked Olive: Napa, Sonoma and Santa Fe (with added chile heat), with more on the way. So, what would you do with a bottle?



Smoked olive oil adds a smoky touch to your
favorite everyday foods. Photo by Tanya F. | IST.

The same things as with any special olive oil. Just as basil olive oil and rosemary olive oil, to name two, are such enliveners of anything they touch, smoked olive oil does the same for people who love the flavor of smoked foods. In fact, every taste recalls our favorite smoked food, smoked salmon.

  • See how we used the oils in the full review. The bottles would be great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, house gifts for people who love to cook, as well as the appropriate little something to bring to your next barbecue.
  • Find more of our favorite olive oils, and learn all about olive oil, in our Oils & Vinegars section.
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