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DESSERT: Try A Mousse

Yesterday’s Easter dinner ended with chocolate mousse. To cap the festivity of the seven-course dinner* there were two different kinds of mousse: dark chocolate and white chocolate.

It made us think about why nobody serves mousse anymore. It’s only found on the menus of old-style French and Continental restaurants, and there are fewer and fewer of those around.

People who used to make mousse (which uses heavy cream) switched to lighter desserts in the 1990s, when warnings to reduce saturated fats became widespread.

It was nice to have this old mainstay for dessert. Consider making it for the next special occasion. Most people can enjoy a small portion—say in a juice glass, and not a jumbo martini glass.

And after the seven courses, the mousse went down as easily as ice cream.



Enjoy mousse in small portions. Here,
four-ounce juice glasses are used. Photo by
Pink Candy | Dreamstime.

*Smoked salmon with baby arugula salad, scallops with chanterelles, Parma ham-wrapped monkfish, asparagus risotto, sweetbreads coated in polenta, lamb, cheese and the mousse. Everything was served on small plates (3-4 bites) and no one was stuffed.
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