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TIP OF THE DAY: A Pot Of Lavender

Lavender is a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in the mint family. It’s not only lovely and fragrant, but a charming culinary herb. It enhances sweet and savory foods with a floral and slightly sweet flavor.

Bees love lavender nectar—hence lavender honey. And you can drizzle some of that honey over lavender-coated goat’s milk and sheep’s milk cheeses.

Lavender pairs with chocolate, baked goods and desserts (lavender pound cake, lavender scones and lavender ice cream are favorites). The flowers are candied and used as cake decorations.

Lavender sugar is a popular addition to iced tea—but lavender iced tea or hot tea is a must-try if it isn’t already one of your favorites. Steep a spring of culinary lavender the next time you have a hot cup of tea, and see for yourself. Enjoy it with lavender marshmallows. Try this exquisite lavender white hot chocolate.



A bouquet of lavender. Photo by
EwaDacko | SXC.

Lavender syrup can be used to make soft drinks (mix with club soda), to glaze a duck and in so many other ways.

Note the difference between lavender and culinary lavender. You can pick up decorative bunches, but they may have been sprayed with pesticides. Culinary lavender is chemical-free.

You can fill your yard with lavender, or have a herb pot indoors. The herb will add grace to every dish it touches.

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