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PRODUCT: Perky Jerky


Tender jerky with a jolt. Photo by
Jerry Deutsch | THE NIBBLE.

Here’s one of the niftiest products to come down the pike in a while. We give it an A for originality and another A for execution.

Perky Jerky is “the world’s first all-natural performance enhancing meat snack.” In other words, protein- and sugar-laden beef jerky has been caffeinated with guarana, a natural energy booster with about twice the caffeine content of a coffee bean.

The idea is, if you need energy but don’t like energy drinks or coffee—or if you’re simply hungry—tear open a portion-controlled package and enjoy a flavorful snack full of nourishment and energy. Caffeinated beef jerky: Gotta love it—and we did.

The 100% beef jerky is tender and flavorful (some of the jerky brands we try are so dried out and unpalatable, we literally give them to the dog). And yes, it gave us ENERGY!

Perky jerky is available in one-ounce or two-ounce packages, 12 for $30.00 and $59.88, respectively. You can try an individual package for $2.00 or $4.99.

If this product isn’t for you, certainly you know a student, new parent or overworked adult who could use a jolt.

Fun fact: Perky Jerky is a accidental invention, like potato chips, yogurt and many of our foods. An energy drink spilled over some jerky, drenching the meat. Not about to throw good jerky away, the “inventors” ate it and discovered that it was not only more tender, but a great energy boost. (Today, the process for making Perky Jerky is a bit more sophisticated.)


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