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“Instant” Cherry Cake With Dried Cherries & More Ways To Use Dried Cherries

[1] Tart dried cherries store well in the pantry until you need them (photo © King Arthur Flour).

[2] They’re not just for sweet recipes: Toss dried cherries into a pan sauce (photo © Emm Group).

Cereal With Dried Cherries
[3] Sprinkle dried cherries on breakfast cereal, hot or cold (photo © Choose Cherries).


It’s easy to eat dried cherries from the bag or bowl, or to incorporate them into a quick trail mix.

But you can also turn your favorite cake recipe—chocolate cake, pound cake, even carrot or zucchini cake—into a cherry cake, just by mixing a cup of dried cherries into the batter.

Or, stir 1/4 cup of dried cherries into the filling or frosting.

Sprinkle some dried cherries atop the icing of cakes and cupcakes. They make a pretty, tasty, and healthy garnish.

Instead of making cherry cheesecake with a cherry topping, stir dried cherries into the batter. (And yes, you can use a cherry topping too).

We love to mix dried cherries into chocolate chip cookie batter, and to use them instead of (or in addition to) raisins in oatmeal cookies.

How about scones and muffins? And as a cereal topping?

And for savory recipes, make a quick pan sauce for meat or poultry, or toss them into rice or other grains.

Add them to tuna salad and chicken salad. Be adventurous: add them to deviled eggs, cheese omelets…give just about anything a try with these little sweet bites.

Any way you choose, you’ve got a new variation on a favorite recipe, with no more effort than measuring out the cherries.

Health note: Montmorency (tart) cherries are among the highest-antioxidant foods.

Read our review of Chukar dried cherries: Dried Bing, Columbia River Tart (Montmorency) and Rainier Cherries.

They’re certified kosher by KOF-K.
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