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TIP OF THE DAY: Foie Gras Variées

[1] A slice of foie gras, known as a “scallop,” is briefly sautéed and served with peaches, marmalade and marigold salad (photo © Restaurant Daniel| NYC).

[2] Foie gras-stuffed prunes (photo © Caviar Russe.


On festive occasions we serve “Foie Gras Variées,” a dinner plate comprising small amounts of different foie gras* preparations that make a luxurious course.

The plate typically includes:

  • A prune stuffed with duck liver mousse.
  • Some duck mousse on a square of toasted brioche.
  • A small slice of terrine of foie gras.
  • A slice of warm foie gras liver with a side of butter-sautéed quince†.
    The same can be done with chicken livers: chicken liver mousse, terrine, and sautéed livers.

    It’s just as satisfying for those without a hunger for the duck or goose version, and much more affordable.

    Serve the plate with a glass of Gewürtztraminer, Late Harvest Vouvray, Riesling or Sauternes, makes guests very happy.

    In fact, sybarite that we are, we often serve two different wines so your guests can experience different pairings.

    Want some chocolate with your foie gras?

    Here’s a recipe for Foie Gras Served With French Toast and Spiced Chocolate Ganache, from Chef Mark Gold.

    Serve it as the first course of a very opulent dinner.


    *Foie gras is a specialty food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been especially fattened. Here’s more about it.

    †Quince is a winter fruit. Other options include a dried fruit compote, apples, figs, black cherry jam or fig jam. In the spring, we like fresh figs, gooseberries or green grapes (the smaller the better). While few of us have 50-year-old balsamic vinegar, if you have balsamic glaze (commercial balsamic vinegar boiled down to thicken it), you can add a few drops to the plate in any season.



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