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TIP OF THE DAY: Berry-Custard Dessert Cocktail

More berries and less custard lower the
calories in this delicious dessert. Photo
courtesy Ruth’s Chris Steak House.


Since it’s National Vanilla Custard Day, today’s tip is a way to enjoy custard with fewer calories. Just “pad out” the custard with low-calorie berries.



  • Mixed berries
  • Vanilla custard (substitute vanilla pudding)
  • Optional: orange liqueur
  • Optional garnish: mint sprig


    1. PLACE 3 tablespoons of custard in the bottom of a Martini glass.


    2. TOP with berries. Drizzle an optional tablespoon of orange liqueur—Grand Gala, Grand Marnier, triple sec, etc.—over the berries.

    3. GARNISH with optional mint sprig and serve.

    Custard is semisoft preparation of milk or cream and eggs, thickened with heat. It can be cooked on top of the stove or baked in the oven.

    Custards can be sweet or savory, spanning desserts and dessert sauces to quiche and savory custard tarts.

    Check out the different types of custard in our Custard Glossary.


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