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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Find Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits

Asparagus: now in season, but not for long!
Photo courtesy California Asparagus Commission.


Like the idea of eating seasonal produce grown on local farms, but wonder what’s in season in your area?

Climates in the U.S. vary widely. What’s seasonal in California isn’t the same as what’s seasonal in New York or Indiana.

But there’s an easy search tool to find out exactly what’s in season in your locavore universe. Just head to SimpleSteps.org and select your state.

The website will also tell you where all your local farmers markets are, and even include directions by car, bike, walking and public transit.

SimpleSteps.org is a great resource that covers all smarter living topics, including household savings calculators and conservation tips for people who care about the planet. For example:

If a quarter of the households in the United States replaced one incandescent with one compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), it would save as much carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas that impacts climate change) as planting 257,215 acres of forest. (All plants absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis; forests absorb a large amount of it.)


OK, we’ve been lazy about switching all of our light bulbs to CFL, but now we’re on it.

Don’t like the light from CFLs? The site advises looking for bulbs with a Kelvin temperature between 3,000k and 3,500k. They give off the familiar warm glow of incandescent bulbs.

We’re off to pick up seasonal produce and CFLs.


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