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TIP OF THE DAY: Goat Cheese In Recipes

Mild, fresh cheeses made from goat’s milk taste like cream cheese with a tang. A fresh goat cheese log looks lovely on a cheese board with fresh or dried fruit (dates and figs are a favorite) and toasted almonds and/or walnuts.

But we enjoy it in many other ways as well:

  • For breakfast: With bagels, croissants and toast, in a goat cheese omelet, mixed into scrambled egg batter or sprinkled on top.
  • On a sandwich: Our favorite sandwich is fresh goat cheese on a crusty roll or baguette with basil and fresh or sundried tomatoes.
  • On pizza and pasta: Great on a pie with mozzarella; freeze slightly in order to crumble finely. Toss crumbled goat cheese with pasta dishes or substitute for some/all of the ricotta in baked pasta.
  • With salads: Roll a log in chopped toasted nuts, herbs or lemon zest, slice into one-inch discs, bake and add to a plate of mixed greens or spinach salad. Or, crumble atop the salad. Add sliced or matchstick beets: They’re a beautiful match with goat cheese.

    Beautiful on a cheese board, a goat cheese
    log fits into every meal of the day. Photo
    courtesy Westfield Farm.


  • For dinner: Stuff into chicken breasts and ravioli. Crumble onto asparagus and grilled vegetables.
  • For dessert: Serve a disc drizzled with honey, with or without nuts and fresh or dried fruit (fresh berries pair well).
  • Baked: In savory soufflés, quiches and turnovers; in savory and sweet pies and tarts.
  • Just substitute the fresh goat cheese for cream cheese, mozzarella, ricotta or other fresh cheese in the recipe.

    You can enhance goat cheese with a variety of flavors. Or, be on the lookout for flavored goat cheeses.

    Westfield Farm, one of our favorite goat cheese producers, has an impressive selection including Apple-Cinnamon, Calabrini (sundried tomato and garlic), Chive, Chocolate (it’s just like cheesecake!), Cranberry-Orange, Herb, Herb Garlic, Hickory Smoked, Pepper, Pink Peppercorn and Wasabi.

    What are your favorite ways to use goat cheese?


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