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TIP OF THE DAY: Wasabi Mayonnaise

Make a beautiful potato salad with Yukon
Gold and Purple Peruvian potatoes. Photo ©
Svetlana Kolpakova | Dreamstime.


You can add instant excitement to most recipes that use mayonnaise by switching regular mayo for wasabi mayonnaise. The Japanese condiment pairs easily with American foods.

We’re now addicted to wasabi mayonnaise potato salad, wasabi coleslaw, wasabi deviled eggs and wasabi spread on sandwiches and burgers.

  • Add a tiny dice of red onion and celery to potato salad. They add flavor plus crunch.
  • For the most beautiful potato salad, use a mixture of Yukon Gold and Purple Peruvian potatoes.
  • For prettier coleslaw, use a red cabbage and white cabbage mix. We add a tiny dice of red onion, carrot and yellow or orange bell pepper.
  • If you can’t find wasabi mayonnaise, you can order it online. Our favorite is Green Dragon Lemonaise from The Ojai Cook (read our review).

    We also found Spectrum brand Wasabi Style Mayonnaise at Whole Foods Market. It’s USDA-certified organic, OU kosher and uses cage-free eggs. We applaud all that; but we’ll return to The Ojai Cook’s Green Dragon Lemonaise, which has a richer, eggier mayonnaise flavor. Both are available at

    If you’re not a wasabi fan but still like a bit of spice, look for chipotle mayonnaise.

  • Find more of our favorite condiments.
  • Learn the difference between real wasabi and what most of us get, which is actually imitation wasabi.

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