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Oleamea USDA-Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Turkey

2 Bottles Of Oleamea Organic Turkish EVOO
[1] The two styles of Oleamea organic extra virgin olive oil made from Turkish Memecik olives (all photos © Oleamea).

Bowl of Citrus Avocado Salad
[2] While this salad looks summery, the ingredients are available even in the cold winter months. Top greens with citrus slices, avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, and sliced mini cucumbers. Add sliced mozzarella or fresh goat cheese.

Summer Tomatoes Drizzled With EVOO [3] Lush farmstand tomatoes need only a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and as a bonus, a few snipped herbs.

Plate Of Grilled Pineapple Slices
[4] Grilled dessert: With the grill at medium-high heat, lightly brush pineapple slices with EVOO and place them on the grill. Cook for 4 to 6 minutes per side, until grill marks form. Remove to a serving plate and drizzle with honey. Yes, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Turkish Memecik Olive Tree
[5] A Memecik olive tree.

Green Olives
[6] Memecik olives.


We recently had our first Turkish extra virgin olive oil—actually, two great-tasting olive oils from Oleamea. EVOO is considered to be the cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet, and we appreciate that—but we love Oleamea for its great flavor.

Oleamea’s certified USDA Organic olive oils are made from 100% organic Memecik olives, a popular Turkish variety (more about them below).

The brand has won gold and silver medals at olive oil competitions around the world. That includes beating out the tough field at the International Olive Oil Competition*.

We used this delicious olive oil this past weekend as a perfect sauce for artisan ravioli from Chef Nicola DiGiorgio—the type of ravioli that is too fine for heavy sauces. EVOO is the perfect option, and Oleamea served it well.

There are two Oleamea olive oils.

Organic Premium Everyday EVOO is made from early harvest single-estate Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within four hours of being hand-picked off the tree. It has a light and balanced taste profile with aromatic notes of green almond and hints of wild herbs.

Use it to prepare and finish your everyday meals.

Organic Private Select EVOO is also crafted with single-estate Memecik olives, but these are cold-pressed within two hours of being hand-picked. This allows the maximum amount of polyphenols and antioxidants to be extracted.

The terroir† of the land where the Private Select olives are grown, high up in the hills, gives the oil a fruity flavor. It has aromatic notes of fresh-cut grass and hints of green banana. These perfectly balance the distinct peppery bitterness that is a trait of high-quality olive oils.

Pour out a spoonful of EVOO, smell it, and taste it. You’ll smell the grassiness, and if you’re not familiar with the aroma of green banana, it’s the “certain something” that you can’t identify.

Both oils are excellent, but Private Select is a special treat.

Use these delightful oils for:

  • Baking (e.g. focaccia, olive oil cake)
  • Bread Dippers
  • Bruschetta/Crostini (the difference)
  • Garden Salads/Vinaigrettes
  • Mezze Spreads
  • Pestos and Tapenades
  • Sautéed/Stir-Fried Vegetables
  • Sautéeing Other Foods
    As a finishing oil, Oleamea pairs beautifully with:

  • Grilled/Roasted Vegetables
  • Ice Cream (check it out!)
  • Pasta and Pizza
  • Soft Cheeses
  • Broiled/Grilled Seafood
  • White Meats: Chicken, Turkey, Veal
    Plus, if you drink a tablespoon or two of olive oil daily for heart health, these are delish.

    The Memecik olive is native to the Aegean area. Exhibiting a unique, intense fruity aroma, it was the first Turkish olive to be registered by the European Union.

    Compared with other varieties, Memecik olives have some of the highest polyphenol and oleic acid values. This makes them an outstanding source of antioxidants, which promote overall health.

    (Here’s more about antioxidants.)

    Valued for its distinctive sensory and chemical composition, the Memecik is the most-cultivated olive variety in the Aegean Region (one of the seven geographical regions of Turkey).

    The olive typically shows the flavor and aroma of almond, grass, and lemon. It has an appealing bitterness and pungency [source].

    You can purchase directly from the company website, Oleamea.com.

    Look for the brand at Central Market, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and other retailers, and on Amazon.

    Here’s a store locator.

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    *The International Olive Council is the world’s only international intergovernmental organization in the field of olive oil and table olives.
    †Terroir, pronounced tur-WAH, is a French agricultural term referring to the unique set of environmental factors in a specific habitat that affects a crop’s qualities. It includes climate, elevation, proximity to a body of water, slant of the land, soil type, and amount of sun. These environmental characteristics give a fruit or vegetable its unique character.




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