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FOOD FUN: Ice Cream Sundae With Olive Oil Or Whiskey

Here’s some food fun for National Ice Cream Month:

Use olive oil or whiskey as the “sauce” on your sundae.

It’s a sophisticated sundae that can also be made with sorbet.

  • Use your finest olive oil. While some people will prefer the mildest oil, we also like fruity or peppery olive oil flavors.
  • Prefer to use whiskey? You can use a blended scotch, single malt, or Irish whiskey. We personally like a robust peaty scotch with vanilla ice cream, and a blend on the sorbet.
  • We use plain vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet, but you can experiment with other flavors.
  • Some of the olive oil or whiskey will combine with the melted ice cream/sorbet on the bottom of the dish, creating a sauce.
  • You can also use balsamic glaze.


  • Vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet
  • Olive oil or whiskey
  • Toppings: fruit, nuts, candied lemon/orange peel, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, pie dough crumbles, etc.*
  • Optional garnish: coarse sea salt or crunchy flavored salt
  • Optional topping: dab of mascarpone or hand-whipped cream

    Assemble the ingredients as with any sundae: ice cream, sauce, toppings, whipped cream.
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    *While we like crumbled shortbread cookies and pie dough crumbles. We also like the added crunch of—wait for it—Corn Flakes!


    [1] An olive oil-raspberry sundae (photo © California Olive Ranch).

    [2] Instead of drinking the shot, pour it over your ice cream (photo © Andres Haro Dominguez | Unsplash).



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