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FOOD FUN: Pancake Spaghetti For National Spaghetti Day

Here’s some fun for National Spaghetti Day, January 4th: pancake spaghetti. A trend that started on Tik-Tok, pancake spaghetti is thin strips of pancake batter made in the thickness of spaghetti.

Once the strips are cooked all the way through on a griddle, you put them in a bowl and “sauce” them with your syrup of choice or powdered sugar.

And perhaps some banana slices, a few berries, or even slices of sausage instead of meatballs.

The dish was invented for his kids by Steven Archuleta, who called them squiggle cakes.

But Tik Tok users renamed them pancake spaghetti.

All you need is a griddle, simple pancake batter, and a plastic-sealed bag, plus toppings. Are you ready for some food fun?

If not today, then National Pancake Day is September 26th.

> The history of pancakes.

> The different types of pancakes.

> The history of spaghetti.


  • Pancake batter
  • Butter for grill
  • Syrup, compote, powdered sugar, or other toppings
  • Garnish: banana slices, berries, sausage slices

    The thickness and length of the pancake spaghetti are based on your personal preference.

    However, the thicker the strip, the longer it will take to cook through (and could potentially burn the bottom of the spaghetti if you don’t keep a close watch).

    1. MIX the batter and pour it into a plastic food storage bag. Tightly seal the bag. Alternatively, you can use a squeeze bottle.

    2. CUT a very small hole in a corner of the bag.

    3. GREASE a griddle with butter and heat over low heat. Start to pipe thin strips of pancake batter across the griddle. Do not flip the strips, but let them cook through.

    This helps to keep the strips pliable (another reason not to make thicker pancake spaghetti). Flipping them can make them too crispy so you won’t be able to twirl them like spaghetti.

    Once the batter is cooked…

    4. USE tongs to pick up the strands and twirl them into a bowl. Garnish as desired.

    Here’s a video from the inventors of pancake spaghetti, Steven and Briana Archuleta.


    Spaghetti Pancakes Recipe
    [1] Pancake spaghetti (photo © Briana Archuleta | Tik Tok).

    Spaghetti Pancakes Recipe
    [2] The thinner the strands of batter, the more “twirlable” the “spaghetti” (photos #2 and #3 © Heather Martin).

    Spaghetti Pancakes Recipe
    [3] Use your favorite pancake batter: plain, flavored, or chocolate.





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