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Lady M Champagne Mille Crêpes Cake For New Year’s Eve

Readers of THE NIBBLE know how much we love Lady M’s Mille Crêpes Cakes: delicate, elegant, exquisite, ethereal bites that are perfect for special celebrations.

We also serve them at dinner parties where we want something impressive for dessert but need it to be on the light side.

In addition to the year-round menu of flavors, there are always wonderful seasonal specialties.

Right now, it’s Champagne Mille Crêpes Cake.

It’s a dazzling centerpiece, even more dazzling on the fork.

Champagne Mille Crêpes Cake starts with the company’s classic Signature Mille Crêpes Cake.

For this special flavor, a touch of fresh strawberries is whipped into the pastry cream. The cream is then hand-brushed between all 20 crêpe layers. 

The cake is topped with lush Champagne gelée—such a generous touch of Champagne that Lady M says “you’ll have to show a 21+ ID card before purchasing in boutiques.” They mean it!

The cake serves 10-14 people.

Order yours at

What’s a Mille Crêpes cake? It’s a stack of paper-thin crêpes. The crêpes themselves are the same as those you might order for brunch, where they are rolled up with a filling.

In a Crêpe Cake, on the other hand, nothing is rolled: The flat crêpes are brushed with light pastry cream and stacked (see photo #3).

At Lady M, the top crêpe becomes a caramelized crust. Then, each flavor of crêpe cake is finished with its own special garnish.

This leads us to a disclosure: While “mille crêpes” indicates that there are 1,000 crêpes (mille, pronounced meel, is the number one thousand in French), there are actually some 20 crêpes in each cake, each crêpe handmade in the Lady M kitchens.

> The history of Mille Crepes Cake.

While there are seasonal flavors, the current roster of 9-inch Mille Crêpes Cakes includes:

  • Chocolate Mille Crêpes Cake (photo #4)
  • Dulce de Leche Mille Crêpes Cake
  • Earl Grey Mille Crêpes Cake
  • Green Tea Mille Crêpes Cake
  • Pistachio Mille Crêpes Cake (photo #5)
  • Signature Mille Crêpes Cake (vanilla)
  • Tiramisu Mille Crêpes Cake
  • Tres Leches Mille Crêpes Cake
    There are seasonal flavors: Chestnut for the holidays, Champagne for the new year, Passion Fruit for the summer, and so on. Keep checking and you may find Purple Yam, Red Bean, and Salted Caramel.

    You can even order a three-tier wedding cake, each layer made of “mille” crêpes.

    And the website currently offers these specialty flavors: Truffle Mille Crêpes Cake, Purple Yam “Ube” Milles Crêpes Cake, Jasmine Calamansi Mille Crêpes Cake, and Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes Cake.

    There are also scrumptious layer cakes and for October-November, a Pumpkin Nuage* (photo #6).

    What’s a Pumpkin Nuage? Combine the best elements of pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake, gently spiced with cinnamon, and add a touch of Lady M’s refined elegance. Plus, the most finely crushed graham cracker crust we’ve ever seen.

    Lady M is a New York City maker of luxury confections, with more than 50 boutiques worldwide. Established in 2001, Lady M is the creator of the world-famous Mille Crêpes Cake.

    Lady M marries French pastry techniques with Japanese sensibilities, resulting in delicate cakes that are a touch sweet and perfect for every occasion.

    All cakes are handmade and prepared fresh without food additives or preservatives. The crêpes cakes are a very special treat, although Lady M makes a variety of delectable cakes and confections. Learn more at

    Are you up for making paper-thin crêpes? Check out these recipes.

  • Bavarian Crêpes
  • Buckwheat Crêpes With Ham & Eggs
  • Crêpes Suzette
  • DIY Crêpes Party With Savory & Sweet Fillings
  • Peking Duck Crêpes
  • Tapioca Crêpes

    Lady M Champagne Mille Crepes Cake
    [1] The new limited edition for December: Champagne Mille Crêpes Cake (all photos © Lady M).

    Lady M Champagne Mille Crepes Cake
    [2] A slice of Butter Pecan, with nuggets of candied pecans scattered between the layers for crunch.

    Making A Crepe Cake
    [3] Making a Mille Crêpes cake (with just 20 layers, not 1,000).

    Lady M Mille Crepe Cake
    [4] A popular flavor: Chocolate Mille Crêpes Cake.

    Lady M Pistachio Mille Crepes Cake
    [5] Also a fan favorite: Pistachio Mille Crêpes Cake.

    Lady M Earl Grey Mille Crepes Cake
    [6] Earl Grey Mille Crêpes Cake is available year-round.


    *Nuage, pronounced new-AHJ, means cloud in French. There are different kinds of cloud cake, but they all aim to be light and airy.



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