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Macaron Gifts For Easter

[1] A macaron joins malted milk Easter eggs for a treat (with a cup of coffee, e.g.) or a light dessert. BYO nest (photo © MacarOn Café).

[2] A gift delight: a box of tempting macarons (photo © Dana’s Bakery).


Are you looking for something special in Easter goodies? Macaron gifts for Easter may be just the thing. Many recipients loves the elegant cookie sandwiches (and we’ve never met a sweets lover who doesn’t).

Macaron specialists like MacarOn Café and Dana’s Bakery have the gifts you need.

The pretty colors are perfect for spring and Easter, and we’ve often served them as dessert with coffee at the end of a big meal.

That’s the time when, you’re full but you still want some kind of dessert. To paraphrase a famous brand, there’s always room for a macaron*.
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*If you’re too young to remember “There’s always room for JELL-O,” check out:
> An original commercial.

> A remark from Joey in “Friends.”

> A comment from Bill Murray in “Ghostbusters.”






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