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Gourmet Easter Chocolate: Ukranian Easter Egg Designs

[1] Chocolate Easter eggs with traditional Ukranian Easter egg designs (all photos © Chocolat Moderne).

[2] A close-up of the Easter egg designs.

[3] Other options include speckled, hand-painted Easter eggs.

[4] Bright red eggs, a tradition in the Eastern Orthodox church. The red represents the blood and sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and the egg symbolizes rebirth.


One of our favorite artisan chocolatiers, Chocolat Moderne, has created a Ukrainian Easter Egg Collection to show support and empathy to Ukraine (photo #1). For lovers of gourmet Easter chocolate, this is one way to show your support.

Ten percent of proceeds will be donated to World Central Kitchen, a relief fund founded in 2010 by Chef Jose Andrés to deliver relief to disaster areas via quality cooked meals.

The organization has served one million meals to families across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary, and additional meals to Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Uganda, and Zambia.

The Pursuit of Happiness bonbons are petite, filled dark chocolate topped with renditions of Ukrainian Easter art designs (photo #2).  

Chocolat Moderne Easter Eggs blend traditional and innovative flavors. The ingredients are all-natural and the chocolate is the finest couverture from Valrhona.

The collection contains six flavors (all gluten-free):

  • Anise in Wonderland: Refreshing soft caramel infused with anise seed.
  • Berry Bohemian: Caramel with strawberry and raspberry purée.
  • Cocoa Cabana: Milk chocolate ganache with roasted cocoa nibs.
  • Coconut Coast: White ganache with coconut milk and toasted coconut.
  • Peanut Pizzazz: Crunchy salted peanut and milk chocolate praliné.
  • Macadamia Republic: Crunchy salted macadamia and white chocolate praliné.
    Although it was originally created as part of the company’s seasonal collection, Chocolat Moderne will continue to sell The Pursuit of Happiness and donate to the World Central Kitchen beyond Easter.  

  • The 8-piece set is $17.95.
  • 24-piece set (photo #1) is $49.00.

    In addition to The Pursuit of Happiness, Chocolat Moderne offers five additional Easter Egg Collections, available in dark and milk chocolate.

  • The Abstract Collection with eggs that are speckled and splashed with three vibrant accent colors.
  • The Fauvergé Collection with splashy and colorful abandon in the style of Fauvism.
  • The Milk Chocolate Collection of beautiful hand-painted eggs in milk chocolate.
  • The Greek Collection available through Greek Orthodox Easter with fillings inspired by Greek delicacies.
  • The Vegan Collection, for dairy-free enjoyment.
    Each of these beautifully-designed collections can be purchased until April 29th at ChocolatModerne.com, h www.chocolatmoderne.com or in person at their shop at 27 West 20th Street in New York City. Prices range from $12 for one egg to $33 for three eggs, and $65.00 for a six-piece gift box.

    Whatever you get, we promise it will be delicious.






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