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Pop Bitties Chips: Air Popped Chips For Snacking, Recipes, Garnishing

[1] Ready to snack? Guacamole, salsa, and other favorite dips pair perfectly with Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pop Bitties (all photos except #2 ©
Pop Bitties).

[2] Pop Bitties stand up to heavy scooping, too, as with this Pepperoni Pizza Dip. Here’s the recipe (photo © The Recipe Critic).

[3] Classic snack fare: hummus, crudités, and Pop Bitties.

[4] Serve Pop Bitties as a side with soup, sandwiches, or burgers.

[5] A chocolate chip cookie dough dip with Maple & Sea Salt Pop Bitties makes a tasty sweet snack or dessert. Here’s the recipe for the dip.


Popbitties chips are delightfully airy, crunchy chips that are on-trend for every desire: gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free, nut-free, transfat-free, cholesterol-free, all-natural, certified vegan, and OU Kosher.

They are absolutely delicious, and as addictive as any great chip can be.

Pop Bitties founder Mark Andrews developed Stacy’s Pita Chips more than 20 years ago, and he has another winner with his air-popped chips.

March 23rd is National Chip & Dip Day, so get your Pop Bitties and get ready to chip and dip…and to enjoy the other uses below.

They’re all-natural air-popped chips made from simple, wholesome ingredients like ancient grains and sweet potatoes.

You can dip and scoop anything, and the Maple & Sea Salt chips are equally at home with savory and sweet dips. Yes, chips and sweet dips for dessert!

Ancient Grains Air Popped Chips

Ancient grains are whole grains that have remained unaltered for centuries or longer. They have more vitamins, minerals, and fibers than modern corn and wheat. They’re naturally non-GMO.

Pop Bitties ancient grain chips are a whole-grain blend of sorghum, brown rice, quinoa, and chia. There are currently four flavors:

  • Hickory Barbeque
  • Maple & Sea Salt
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Vegan Sour Cream & Onion
    Sweet Potato Air-Popped Chips

  • Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt
    Our favorite flavor?

    This is the point at which we demur that it’s hard to say, that as as soon as each bag was opened, the chips disappeared.

    That’s true. But if we had to point, we loved both the subtle sweetness of Maple & Sea Salt ancient grains, and the peppery heat of Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt sweet potato chips.

    Aside from snacking plain or with dips, we’ve used Pop Bitties for:

  • Cookies: Maple & Sea Salt’s slight sweetness works with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate; and you can dip them in melted chocolate and top with chopped nuts, candy canes, etc.
  • Bread substitute: enjoy tuna or egg salad or PB&J on individual Pop Bitties instead of slices of bread.
  • Cheese plate: in addition to, or instead of, bread and crackers.
  • Chili: garnish.
  • Crudités plate: add alongside the sliced vegetables.
  • Hors d’oeuvre: canapés—top with smoked salmon and capers, goat cheese and jam, ham and pesto, whatever.
  • Nachos: instead of tortilla chips.
  • Popcorn: substitute—you can mix flavors in the bowl so that each chip is a surprise.
  • Potato chip substitute: with burgers and sandwiches.
  • Recipes: Crumble them into savory yogurt parfaits, serve them with scrambled eggs, crumble them onto cooked vegetables and grains.
  • Salads and soups: for croutons or as a side instead of crackers.

    You can purchase them online at PopBitties.com and on Amazon.

    For your nearest retailer, here’s a store locator.



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